Submitting the dissertation

Prerequisites for submitting your dissertation are:

  • Being listed as a doctoral candidate of the School (this requires a completed qualifying degree and the nostrification of foreign degrees) and
  • Having completed succesfully all requirements of the qualification program.

If you have any questions regarding these prerequisites, please contact the MGC at

The process of submitting your dissertation is the same for all TUM doctoral candidates. As of Jan 1, 2016, all dissertations have to first be submitted online through the TUM-GS website DocGS: This also applies for candidates who registered their projects before Jan 1, 2014. You can find more information and the necessary documents for submitting your dissertation here.


All defense dates can be found in the MGC graduation office. You can also receive them by phoning the person in charge for your graduation program.

The dates of defence in the Experimental Medicine are agreed between the candidate and the committee.


You may find the current dates of the Faculty Council Meetings for 2020 here - Termine Sitzungen 2020.pdf.


Please note submitting your dissertation for the PhD program in Medical Life Science and Technology is done differently. You can find information for submitting your PhD dissertation here.