Good scientific practice

Good scientific practice is a prerequisite for sound research and science. In 2015, the Technische Universität München has therefore adopted guidelines to ensure good scientific practice. These guidelines implement the recommendations of the German Research Foundation (DFG), underscoring the crucial importance of both the principles of quality in German reseach and of research at TUM.


All TUM-GS members are required to comply with these principles. This is a basic requirement in the supervision agreement.

You can find the guidelines of the TUM for safeguarding good scientific practice here (German and English pdf; only the German document is legally binding). You can find the FAQ for good scientific practice here.



The TUM ombudspeople are your contact partners for any questions or complaints from academic employees at TUM regarding academic misconduct by their colleagues or supervisors. They can be consulted anytime, but they are also the “last resort,” initiating official investigation proceedings in serious cases. The TUM-GS recommends first contacting your advisor, your colleagues in the department, the Graduate Center, the speaker for research and ressources or the Dean if you have specific questions about good academic practice or suspect any misconduct.