Internationalization Grant

Doctoral candidates who are not employed at TUM, nor have they received a traditional scholarship, fellowship or grant for their doctoral studies, can apply for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant (1,600 euros max.). This grant can be used for the following:

  • A stay for research purposes (for at least 2 weeks) at a scientific, academic or research institution or within an industrial firm that conducts research in another country
  • Presentation of the candidate’s own scientific, scholarly or research findings at international conferences, symposia etc. in another country


You can apply for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant for planned journeys only. Please note,you have to submit the documents in the quarter before your journey.

That means, for example: Journey in the 2nd quarter - submit the documents in the 1st quarter.

Your application should include following information and documents:

  • Application form
  • Cover letter which points out the following:
    • type and relevance of the journey for your doctoral project
    • expected results (publication, talk, proposal, learn a method, get data and research results etc.)
    • duration and costs of the journey
  • Letter of recommendation of your supervisor
  • CV with grade of final degree achieved
  • List of publications


Please send your application to the person in charge in your graduation program at the Medical Graduate Center. There are four application deadlines each year:

1st quarter- March 15th

2nd quarter - June 15th

3rd quarter - September 15th

4th quarter - December 15th

Per quarter the MGC ranks all candidates and forward the applications to the TUM Graduate School. The final decision is made by the TUM-GS management board and the Graduate Dean.