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In Experimental Medicine program, the candidate must have two supervisors (“Hochschullehrer” according to article 2 subsection 3 BayHSchPG, TUM Junior Fellows or Fellows of the TUM Institute of Advanced study) and a mentor. A TUM Junior Fellow can be a member of the supervisory committee as the first supervisor of his/her own doctoral candidate or as a mentor, if the other two members are “Hochschullehrer” according to article 2 subsection 3 BayHSchPG.

  • The first supervisor must be a member of the Faculty of Medicine at TUM. He or she bears the main responsibility for the subject-related supervision.
  • The second supervisor and mentor must also be "Hochschullehrer", but may also come from another faculty or from outside TUM.
  • The TAC must include a person who holds the title of Dr. rer. nat. or an internationally comparable equivalent (e.g. PhD in a natural science subject).
  • The TAC may include another mentor as a 4th member, who holds a PhD in the respective field. He or she can be a member of the TUM (but is not obligatory). He/she provides further academic support and interdisciplinary supervision.

The choice of a suitable second supervisor and mentor depends largely on the topic and methodology of the doctoral thesis.
The decision on who is best suited to be the 2nd and 3rd member (or 4th member) of the TAC should be made with the first supervisor. It is recommended that the first supervisor personally approach the individual and provide an introduction to the project.

Please check also general information for and on advisors under Program Overview - Supervision.