Infection and Immunology

Knolle, Percy

Liver Immunology, Therapeutic Vaccination, Metabolic immune control, in vivo Imaging

Our group is interested in studying the molecular mechanisms determining local regulation of immune responses in tissues, in particular in the liver. We employ modern cutting edge technologies to characterize the interaction of immune cells with tissue cells and how this shapes the quality of immune responses in the context of pathogen infection, metabolic challenges and chronic inflammation leading to tumor development. Understanding the principles of local regulation of immune responses is key to understand the molecular pathophysiology of organ-specific diseases. Such knowledge forms the basis for developing next-generation immune therapies based on novel concepts for therapeutic vaccination and for improving immune diagnostics through quantitative measurement of immune responses in tissues.
We are focusing on the regulation of immune responses in the liver and how the mechanistic understanding of the local balance between immunogenic and tolerogenic signals can be employed to achieve clearance of chronic viral infections and to eradicate tumor cells from the liver. We are further exploring the role of the liver in systemic immunity and how T cells primed in the liver contribute to protective immunity against pathogen infection.
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