Krackhardt, Angela

Translational Immunotherapy - Adoptive T cell therapy

My research group is focusing on the development of novel immunotherapies in leukemia and cancer. Special focus is the identification of tumor associated antigens (TAA) preferentially presented by tumor cells as well as T cell receptors (TCR) with defined specificity for those TAA. For identification of suitable TAA the immunopeptidomic approach is followed. Specific T cells and TCR are isolated after stimulation of antigen presenting dendritic cells in the one HLA allele mismatch setting. Isolated TCR are cloned and promising candidates are intensively characterized in vitro and vivo for efficacy and potential toxicity. In addition, novel approaches as MSOT and nuclear imaging are under development in order to track TCR-transgenic T cells in vivo. The aim of my research is the clinical translation of this approach by applying adoptive T cell transfer with T cells transgenic for TCR with defined tumor reactivity in patients with refractory malignant diseases.

Selected publications:

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