Extension of enrollment for doctoral candidates to 8 semesters

Beginning in 2023 doctoral candidates can enroll at TUM for up to 8 semesters. Naturally, you can continue to work on your doctorate after this time, but you can no longer take advantage of student benefits. You also do not have to use the 8 possible semesters consecutively, but distribute them as you deem most convenient for your doctorate. If you want to take a break from enrollment, you should not re-register for the selected semester and will later need to start a new online application. Under certain circumstances, a leave of absence is also possible.

Please note that although applications for winter semester 2022/23 are principally still possible on 01.01.2023, you would have to assume longer waiting times during this period. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that Student Cards can be issued and used in January. You should therefore consider whether you would prefer to apply for the 2023 summer semester.
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