New Dates for "Good Scientific Practice" Seminar

All doctoral candidates that started their doctoral projects in 2017 or later must attend, as part of the qualification program, the "Good Scientific Practice" seminar. This seminar is offered by the MGC on a regular basis, takes three hours and is taught by the professors of the faculty. You can book the seminar through your DocGS account.
In the last days, we have updated the available courses so you can book your place, if you haven't already. If not indicated otherwise in the list bellow, the course is taught in German. This time, we are offering one course later in the afternoon (at 4 pm), and we ask that only those that cannot take the earlier courses book this date. We have added it to make it easier for those that have work obligations that make it impossible to attend an earlier course without taking a day off. We plan to offer at least one course a semester that will be taking place later in the working day.
The currently available dates are:

  • April 28th, at 2 pm
  • May 4th, at 2 pm (taught in English)
  •  May 17th, at 4 pm
  • June 10th, at 2 pm (taught in English)
  • June 21th, at 2 pm
  • June 28th, at 10 am
  • July 5th, at 10 am
  • July 26th, at 2 pm (taught in English)

We plan to add a few courses dates after the summer.