Open PhD Position in the Misgeld Lab

A PhD position (65% E13) in the area of in vivo imaging of the rodent nervous system is available in the Misgeld lab at TUM’s Institute of Neuronal Cell Biology. The position is available starting earliest 1.9.2022.

The project will focus on the in vivo dynamics of neuronal mitochondria, specifically elucidating the mitochondrial “lifecycle” in presynaptic terminals, its local regulation by neuronal activity, and its disruption during neurodegeneration. The work will involve a novel “pulse-chase imaging” approach in neuromuscular junctions, where individual mitochondria will be labelled with photo- switchable tools to track organelle position in situ. The approach will be complemented by other advanced imaging techniques established in the lab, such as correlative light-electron microscopy or two-photon imaging and combined with advanced molecular labeling and profiling tools, genetically-encoded biosensors and injury/disease models in mice.

The PhD candidate will have the opportunity to enroll in one of the structured neuroscience graduate programs in Munich.

Job Requirements

The applicant should have a Master’s degree in neuroscience or a related field, and have interest in the fields of neuroenergetics, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Previous experience with rodent models, or with imaging, is an advantage, but not necessary. The lab’s language is English. We are looking for someone, who simply loves science and shares our passion for the hard work and collaborative effort that exploring the unknown continent of our brain requires.

Application details

Please send a specific letter of motivation that explains your interests, your reasons for considering our lab (ideally referring to our past work), and your vision of science and your career; also include a CV, which details your grades, including high school, BSc and MSc plus the names of two to three referees, whom we can contact.
Please send you application by eMail indicating ‘PhD application to Misgeld lab - Mito’ in the header to
Monika Schetterer, Lab manager - Misgeld lab;

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