Krieg, Sandro

Neuro-oncology. Brain tumors. Neuromonitoring. Neurosurgery

Lichtenthaler, Stefan

Molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease I Biochemistry of the nervous system I Proteases in neurodegenerative diseases

Misgeld, Thomas

Synapse development, neurodegeneration, multiple sclerosis, in vivo imaging

Mühlau, Mark

Neuroimaging. Multiple Sclerosis

Ploner, Markus

Brain mechanisms of pain

Winkelmann, Juliane

Neurogenomics. Personalized Medicine. Translational Genomics

Zimmer, Claus

Topology of brain networks in different psychiatric and neurological disorders


Algül, Hana

Immune system and microenvironment in pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis

Bassermann, Florian

The ubiquitin proteasome system

Böttcher, Jan