Multhoff, Gabriele

Molecular Imaging. Granzyme Therapy. Cellbased Therapy

Ntziachristos, Vasilis

Development of in-vivo imaging technology from basic research to clinical application

Sorg, Christian

Westmeyer, Gil

Molecular Devices for Imaging and Control of Brain Function

Infection and Immunology

Busch, Dirk

Investigation of antigen-specific T cell responses for the development of novel immunotherapies

Knolle, Percy

Liver Immunology, Therapeutic Vaccination, Metabolic immune control, in vivo Imaging

Korn, Thomas

Development and regulation of pathogenic T cell responses in CNS autoimmunity

Protzer, Ulrike

Virology. HBV-Host Interaction. Immune control. Immunotherapy. T cell therapy. Vaccination

Ruland, Jürgen

Immunology. Inflammation. Cancer. Infection

Schmidt-Weber, Carsten

Immune reprogramming. Environmental health. Immune metabolic. COVID19. Lipid mediators