Program Structure

In order to graduate, students must achieve a total of 180 ECTS points. 32 ECTS points must be earned through various curricular activities, whilst a total of 148 ECTS points are earned through a written dissertation and an oral defense. The standard duration of study is 6 semesters, including the oral defense. Under certain circumstances, the Ph.D. executive committee may grant an extension of up to 2 semesters. The period of study may not exceed 8 semesters, including the defense.

The compulsory coursework consists of different modules. Within each module students must choose one or more options from a range of courses that are offered every semester. While most of the modules have a purely scientific content, and are focused on the six key disciplines of the program, others – like good scientific practice and transferable skill seminars – offer extradisciplinary training, rounding out the students’ education.