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Submitting the thesis

​​​​​​​In order to be able to submit your dissertation, you must have successfully completed all the requirements of the qualification program. If you have any questions regarding these prerequisites, please contact us.
All dissertations have to first be submitted online through the DocGS (link is external)website. For more information and the list of required submission documents, please visit the TUM-GS website.

What documents do you need in order to submit the thesis?

Please check the information on how to submit the thesis and what documents you need for it at the TUM-GS Homepage(link is external).

More info on publication-based thesis

You can find more information and MGC guidelines on a publication-based thesis here.

After the online submission, all the original documents must be presented to Ms. Reisenauer (TUM Center for Study and Teaching). If you need an official confirmation of submission of the thesis, do not hesitate to contact us(link sends e-mail).
Two members of the examining committee (chair and first reviewer) will be appointed at the next available Faculty council meeting at the School of Medicine. The third one will be appointed separately by the TUM School where your second advisor is based at.
The reviewers become 6 weeks to prepare the evaluation of the dissertation. This reviewing process can be prolonged if the Faculty needs to appoint a third reviewer.
The reviews are then presented to be accepted at the next Faculty council meeting. You will be informed of the outcome of the meeting as soon as possible.
​​​​​​​Please note: As the Faculty Council meets once a month, it usually takes between 4 and 6 months between submission and acceptance.
The dates of defense in the Experimental Medicine are agreed between the candidate and the committee.