Welcome to the TUM Medical Graduate Center


The TUM Medical Graduate Center (MGC) is a part of the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) and responsible for doctoral education at the TUM School of Medicine. The MGC offers four different doctoral programs for medical students and/or natural scientists:

  • Medical Life Science and Technology (PhD): 3-year interdisciplinary and international PhD program for doctoral candidates with a medical or scientific background.
  • Translational Medicine (Dr. med. sci. or Dr. med. dent. sci.): structured program including 1 year of full-time research for TUM medical students who are particularly interested in research.
  • Experimental Medicine (Dr. rer. nat.): program for doctoral candidates with a Diplom or Master’s degree in a natural science who are performing their doctoral project in a lab of the School of Medicine. 
  • Traditional medical thesis (Dr. med. or Dr. med. dent.): Medical students may also conduct a thesis project leading to the classical Dr. med. degree in the context of the TUM Graduate School.

To find out for which programs you are eligible and what the requirements are, please check our comparison of the four different programs here.

Background: TUM Graduate School and Graduate Centers

The TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) is a university-wide umbrella organization for doctoral candidates across all disciplines at TUM. As of 2014, all new doctoral candidates of TUM become members of the TUM Graduate School automatically. Together with the Graduate School its Faculty Graduate Centers and interdisciplinary Thematic Graduate Centers support doctoral candidates in their research work. In collaboration with institutions of TUM, the TUM-GS ensures the high quality of doctoral projects and promotes transferable skills, which are becoming increasingly more important. This way the TUM Graduate School provides its doctoral candidates with the best preparation for leading positions in science and society as a whole.

TUM School of Medicine offers all four degrees listed above and runs its own Graduate Center - the MGC. For some degrees, you can also choose a Thematic Graduate Center like HELENA, IGSSE or Graduate Center BioEngineering (GCB). Doctoral candidates can be a member in just one Graduate Center.

The programs offered by the Graduate Centers and the TUM-GS include a variety of advantages and training opportunities, such as:

  • Soft Skills courses to prepare doctoral candidates for a career in science and research
  • Subject-related courses
  • Financial support for scientific stays abroad
  • A proof-reading service for English language manuscripts
  • Individual mentoring
  • Networking opportunities
  • Welcome Services for new doctoral candidates

You can find the entire range of services and more detailed information on http://www.gs.tum.de/en/doctoral-candidates/.