Invitation to a research colloquium on exercise, nutrition and health

Join us on January 9th, 2024 for an insightful Research Colloquium on Exercise, Nutrition, and Health as we delve into two compelling presentations by experts in the field.

  1. From Ice and Palm Trees - Stable Isotopes in Human Health

Presented by PD Dr. Robert van Geldern
Geozentrum Nordbayern, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Explore the world of stable isotopes and their role in understanding human health. Dr. Robert van Geldern will take you on a journey from ice and palm trees, unveiling the implications of stable isotopes in his presentation.

  1. Markers of Catabolism and Anabolism During Weight Loss and Weight Regain

Presented by Dr. Paulina Wasserfurth
Professorship of Exercise, Nutrition & Health, TUM School of Medicine and Health
Dr. Paulina Wasserfurth will shed light on crucial markers of catabolism and anabolism, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of weight loss and weight regain. This presentation will provide a deeper understanding of the physiological processes involved.

How to Attend
This colloquium offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage with research.
Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 09, 2024, and join us in Lecture Room 02 in the TUM Campus im Olympiapark or virtually via Zoom ( | Passcode: 127814).