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Photo: Syliva Willax/TUM

Doctoral Program Translational Medicine

The doctoral program in Translational Medicine (is offered only in German) is a structured graduation program for medical students interested in research. The main aim of the program is to find a good fit between project, project supervisor and doctoral candidate and, as a result, create the best possible conditions for a successful graduation. For this purpose, suitable projects are chosen by our Executive Committee and presented to interested students on our Project Exchange Day. On this day, all students can speak with potential supervisors and then apply for some of the projects. The final matching is made on the basis of the preferences selected by both supervisors and applicants.

The program includes one year of full-time lab work as well as two more years of part-time research. All doctoral candidates also receive scientific training and get a position as a student assistant (ca. 800 euros per month) for the first 12 months of their research phase. 

Up to 15 students can be enrolled and funded every year in order to carry out their research projects within the doctoral program in Translational Medicine. According to the broad spectrum of research fields, our doctoral students can be involved in all areas of research both in experimental and in clinical projects.

Please be advised that the first part of the medical examination has to be passed and a working knowledge of German is required for the program since all program communication and courses are in German. For more information, please visit the German language webpage of the program.