Changes to the Internationalization Rules Due to the Current Situation

TUM GS has, due to the current epidemic situation, decided to temporarily amend the rules concerning the internationalization:

  • internationalization funding is only available for measures if the destination country has NOT been designated as a high-risk area by the RKI at the time of travel (this rule does not depend on the vaccination status of the candidate). The same rule applies also for the Internationalization Grant for external doctoral candidates.
  • From now on, for conferences, workshops etc. which are offered in both virtual and face-to-face form, only the virtual form will be supported financially by the TUM GS (regardless of the risk classification by the RKI).

All doctoral students are again strongly advised to not book anything until it is foreseeable that the trip can actually take place.

As this is an active development, situation is monitored closely. TUM GS will follow recommendations from the relevant authorities and amend the rules accordingly. If the situation eases again, TUM GS will lift the current restrictions as soon as possible.

For all issues relating to this change of rules, do not hesitate to contact us.