TUM Supervisory Award 2021

The nomination for this years’ TUM Supervisory Award is open until March 14th, 2021.

The TUM Supervisory Award1 recognizes excellence in support of doctoral candidates and includes a prize of 5.000 EUR:

    We encourage you to nominate your supervisor or mentor if you think he or she is an excellent supervisor — even if your supervisor or mentor has already been nominated by other doctoral candidates!

    Only one nomination may be submitted per doctoral candidate.
    If you are very happy with your supervision, feel free to fill out this form2.

After March 14th, a three-phase selection period will start, resulting in TUM’s best doctoral supervisor selected during the late summer of 2021.

For any questions concerning the TUM Supervisory Award, please refer to the FAQ3, or email the WG Supervision4.

In addition, the best supervisor of the MGC will win the MGC Supervisory Award 2021 for performing outstanding supervision of doctoral candidates at our faculty.

For any questions concerning the MGC Supervisory Award, please email us: reps.mgc@tum.de

Stay safe and healthy!

Your doctoral representatives and the MGC team


1.      TUM Supervisory Award (GC website): https://gc.gs.tum.de/supervisory-award/?fbclid=IwAR2r5GzXjIV2YzVgG4qDD9X...

2.      Nomination form: https://wiki.tum.de/display/tumsupervisoryaward2018

3.      FAQ: https://gc.gs.tum.de/supervisory-award/faqs/

4.      Mail WG Supervision (TUM GC): gc-supervision@gs.tum.de