TUM Wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Forschung auf höchstem Niveau
Photo: Andreas Heddergott/TUM


According to the TUM regulations (from 2014) every doctoral student in the Dr.med./Dr.med.dent. program needs a supervisor and two mentors.
At least one mentor has to come from a different department (clinic/institute) than the supervisor. This usually increases the quality of the final work, also due to the help of external advisors. It also makes it easier to find a solution, should problems arise.
Supervisors must be members and authorized examiners of TUM School of Medicine who can competently represent the topic of the doctoral project. As a rule, they must be university lecturers, i.e. appointed professors, adjunct professors (apl. Prof.) or private lecturers (PD) of the faculty.
Any TUM member or person outside of TUM cooperating in the doctoral project can be a mentor. As a proof of their competence, mentors must hold a doctoral degree.
Please check also general information for and on advisors under Program Overview - Supervision.