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Medicine Thesis - old regulations

According to the old regulations (applied till December 31, 2013), the procedure for awarding a doctoral degree in medicine (Dr. med.) and dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) is as follows:

  • Immediately after starting the doctoral project, and before January 1, 2014, you must have notified the Graduate Center of your doctoral project.  Proof of registration is to be provided in form of a copy of the notification with stamp and signature of the Graduate Center officer. In case of a foreign degree, candidates must have completed the equivalence assessment procedure, in order to be able to graduate.
  • Once you have passed the medical state exam, you must apply to be admitted into the doctoral candidacy list at the dean’s office (Ms. Vassileva(link is external)). The registration form - that must be filled out electronically - can be found here(link is external). Being admitted into the doctoral candidacy list is required for submitting the dissertation. Once you have been listed, you can enroll at TUM as doctoral student, as described here(link is external)(link is external).
  • Before submitting your dissertation, you must fill out a graduation application form and few other documents. All the documents can be found here(link is external).
  • The dissertation, together with the graduation application form and all the required documents must be submitted to the TUM Doctorate Office (Ms. Reisenauer(link is external)). The documentation will be then forwarded to the School of Medicine, where the doctoral graduation process will be initiated. Please note that an appointment with Ms. Reisenauer at the TUM Doctorate Office must be arranged in advance.

Submission of the dissertation is only possible after successful completion of medical school. In case parts of your thesis are published before the end of the doctoral graduation process, you must report it to the dean's office immediately after publication by means of an informal letter stating the exact publication details (authors, topic, journal). Publication of the complete dissertation before the end of the doctoral graduation process requires the written consent of the School of Medicine.

All the necessary documents for the doctoral graduation process can be found here.

Please note that you should not contact the general dean’s office for any question regarding the doctoral process. Ms. Vassileva(link is external) is the competent officer who can provide any information on this matter.