TUM Wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Forschung auf höchstem Niveau
Photo: Andreas Heddergott/TUM

After the oral examination

​​​​​​​If asked by the examining committee, you will have to submit corrections od the dissertation within 3 months after that date to the TUM Graduate Center of Medicine and Health, Dean’s office of the School of Medicine and Health (Mrs. Novinec Drenik).
After the corrections are confirmed by the examining committee, the  documents will be sent to the TUM Center for Study and Teaching (TUM CST).
After that, the approved cover page will be sent to you and you can proceed with publishing your dissertation. 
Instructions on how to publish the dissertation at the university library:
After finalizing this, you will be issued with an Dr.rer.nat. degree from the TUM and transcript of records with the certificate from the Graduate School you were a member of (TUM GS/GCMH, HELENA ...).