TUM Wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Forschung auf höchstem Niveau
Foto: Andreas Heddergott/TUM


In order to enroll in the Experimental Medicine and Health Sciences program, the following must be accomplished:

  • Above average Diplom or master's degree (average note 2,5 or higher, adjusted to German system) in natural sciences - you can check what your average grade would be if translated into german system here
  • Thesis project suitable for a doctoral degree in natural sciences
  • First supervisor who is a member of the School of Medicine and Health at TUM.
  • Second supervisor and mentor, both of whom are eligible to examine on the university level and may be TUM internal/external
  • An additional mentor with a doctoral degree, who may be at TUM, but does not have to be
  • One member of the TAC must have a Dr.rer.nat. title (or international equivalent)
  • Employment contract with the research organization in which the project is carried out, or a research grant/scholarship