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Becoming a member

​​​​​​​Applying for membership in the Experimental Medicine and Health Sciences program requires several steps and input from you as well as your advisors and mentor. Therefore, this process realistically takes several months to complete.
Please, plan accordingly and apply within three months after starting your project.
You can apply online through the DocGS, (link is external)the online platform for doctoral candidates at the Technical University of Munich.
Please contact us(link is external) if you need a confirmation of the submission of the application to the program.
Doctoral candidates who are not already registered as students may be enrolled (link is external)as doctoral students at TUM for up to six semesters after having been listed as doctoral candidates of the School.

  • Create an account on the DocGS (link is external)platform. Click "Apply" and select the School of Medicine and the program Experimental Medicine.
  • Enter all relevant information about you, your advisor, thesis committee, project etc.

You may save entries and return to the site to complete them at a later time. After filling out every required field and uploading every required document, click on „Save and Submit“.
If you get an error message saying the application can´t be submitted, check if all required fields are filled out. Please check thorougly if all the submitted information is correct. You can´t change your data after submitting the application - the complete application must be deleted and you have to register again.

  • Your supervisors and your mentor will receive an automated email, asking them to confirm their supervision. You can see when this has happened under “My Progress”.
  • The system will generate three documents in the DocGS under „My Progress“:
    • Supervision Agreement,
    • Project Plan and
    • Application for the acceptance as doctoral candidate.

Print all the documents and bring or send them with all signatures and required documents:

​​​​​​​TUM Graduate Center of Medicine and Health
Dean's Office of School of Medicine and Health
z.Hd. Manca Novinec Drenik
Klinikum rechts der Isar
Ismaninger Str. 22
81675 München

If the application fulfills all the requirements, you will be placed on the preliminary doctoral candidate's list, waiting to be assessed by the Experimental Medicine and Health Science's interdisciplinary steering committee to ensure that all quality criteria are met and will decide on your admission to the program.

If the decision is positive, you will become a member of TUM-GS and TUM GCMH (those that are applying for both, otherwise only of TUM-GS) and will be listed as a doctoral candidate of TUM School of Medicine and Health.