TUM Wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Forschung auf höchstem Niveau
Photo: Andreas Heddergott/TUM


Science and research today are more international than ever before. That is why TUM supports early international and intercultural collaboration in research, and the creation of personal and institutional networks.
International research stays and activities are an essential part of doctoral qualification. Such activities enable doctoral candidates to gain valuable personal experience as well as useful career objectives.
Therefore, TUM supports international research activities of its doctoral candidates. However, a thorough consultation between the supervisor and the doctoral candidate in the run-up to the stay abroad is required, so that the added value in terms of content, personal training and financial support are brought into a meaningful relationship.
More about the internationalization can be found on the website of TUM GS(link is external).

  • Travel expenses (Economy class, 2nd class). Provided it is not an overseas trip, travelling by air must be conclusively justified.
  • Transfer costs to/from the airport or train station. It is generally preferred to use public transport for this purpose.
  • Travelling by private/rented car or taxi (This must be discussed in advance with MGC!).
    • The use of a private car is only allowed for valid reasons or if a clear cost saving can be proven. Fuel expenses cannot be reimbursed.
    • Car rental expenses can be reimbursed only for justifiable reasons, which should be stated in the bill, or if a clear cost saving can be proven. Fuel expenses can be reimbursed only upon submission of all original receipts.
    • Taxi expenses can be reimbursed only for justifiable reasons, which should be stated in the bill (e.g. workplace hardly or not at all accessible by public transport, essential bulky luggage needs to be transported, cost saving through shared use of a taxi by two or more doctoral students, health reasons etc. This must, however, be verified).
  • Rental and hotel expenses. Please note that in accordance with the Bavarian travel expenses legislation (BayRKG), there is a fixed upper limit for the international accommodation allowance. Current information (2022): https://www.lff.bayern.de/download/nebenleistungen/reisekosten/auslandstg_010121.pdf. MGC can provide you with more information on this topic.
  • Visa fees
  • Fees for conferences and symposia
  • University registration/library fees or other similar costs
  • In justified cases: extra charge for excess, bulky or special baggage, as long as this is absolutely essential for the research stay.

NB: If the congress fees for non-members are higher than for members including the membership fee, TUM GS will also cover the costs of membership if the total costs can be kept lower as a result.

Non-refundable costs:
- Any form of insurance
- Meals (unless they are included in the conference fees)
- Purchase of material
- Other private expenditures